Our Vision & Mission


Due to its high volumes of gold and jewellery trade, Dubai is already known as the 'City of Gold'. Our vision is to support Dubai government's initiatives to establish the city as the preferred trading hub for diamonds and bank notes.

We want to create a secure, customer-friendly environment for the fast handling and processing of valuable shipments. With this mission in mind, we have established a state-of-the-art facility that is currently handling all inbound and outbound valuable cargo shipments to and from Dubai International Airport. This one-stop, exclusive facility for handling valuables is supported by customs and the ground handling agent Dnata and houses some traders from the diamond industry.


To be globally recognised as a leader in valuable management, secure logistics and ground handling agent services.


To exceed customer expectations and deliver cost effective products and services through service excellence, industry best practices, engaging stakeholders and innovation.

To be socially responsible

To promote people development and provide equal opportunities.


• People

Commitment to employee welfare, culture of diversity, teamwork, quality and loyalty.

• Integrity

Commitment to credibility and reliability to win the trust of customers and all stakeholders

• Excellence

Achieve excellence in all that we do

• Performance

Commitment to profitability through efficiency and increase in market share.

• Innovation

Commitment to innovate that adds solid value to the customer’s experience and builds a future-proof, sustainable business.